12 February 2014

Layering with Chambray

Lately, I just cannot get enough of chambray as a layering piece.  I feel like it goes well under almost anything... a printed cardi, structured blazer, casual sweater, etc.  Top the look off with a scarf or statement necklace, and you're golden!  I was never really a fan of chambray until I took on a holiday job working at a Coach Outlet store.  Part of our dress code at the time was to layer a navy or black cardi over top of a chambray shirt.  I was a little hesitant at first, but after finding the perfect shade, I was hooked!  I love pairing it with a mustard color or some sparkle.  Here are some examples of how you can layer in chambray via Pinterest.

Chambray under sequence and a blazer done by Penny Pincher Fashion

Chambray under stripes with colored skinnies via unknown

Chambray under a cardi with gold accents by Chelsea Lane

These are all really great examples of how to layer with chambray.  I have also seen it done as a top on its own with a patterned skirt, or as the top layering piece with a patterned top underneath.  Either way, you can't go wrong!

Here is my take: Chambray & Cheetah with pearls!

Please ignore the horrible Instagram photo... I am working on my photos 

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