05 February 2014


Hi!  My name is Natalie Cawley and I am new to the blogging community.  I currently reside in Philadelphia, but I am orginally from Pittsburgh (Go Steelers)!  I work in database marketing and I have always had an "itch" to do something creative; so here it is!  I love fashion, fitness, cupcakes, gold jewelry, coffee, my family and my boyfriend :-).  You will see all of these love and passions flare through my posts.

Enjoy! If you want to contact me further, fill out the little form to the right!


  1. Go Steelers! I'm not from Pittsburgh, but I'm still a fan. My son even went as Troy Polamalu for Halloween last year (complete with hair!).

    1. That's awesome! Love meeting other Steeler's fans. I bet he looked adorable in that costume! So cute!