02 April 2015

Office Space Styling

I have been working extra hours from home lately.  The problem is I live in a small condo, so finding space to do my work has been difficult.  I often find myself bouncing around from dining room table, to couch, to bed, etc.  I decided enough was enough and I needed to find somewhere to set my laptop and do work in space I felt comfortable in.  Not only would this space be great for working from home, but it would also be a creative space for me to work on blog posts.

I have been souring pinterest for ideas on how to make a great work area with very little space.  I decided my space had to meet three qualities if I was going to feel comfortable in it:

1. Small but effective - I don't have a lot of space to work with, so making sure I have everything I need while not being over-cluttered is very important.

2. Inspirational - I love to have inspirational quotes all around me to keep me motivated and working hard.

3. Stylish - If I want to embrace my creativity, I need to style the space so that it fits my personality and looks beautiful as well.

After hours of Pinteresting, here are a couple of photos I found as inspiration for my work area.

photo credit: Homey Oh My! 

 photo credit: Style Me Pretty

I decided to put together some of the pieces I have been eying up for my work area.  I want it to be feminine, but professional.  I love using the colors mint and gold together, but I think a little bit of pink will add some brightness and cheer to the mix.

1. Quoted coffee mug - I drink a lot of coffee while I work.  It keeps me going.  I love this mug because it not only helps keep me caffeinated, but it also makes me feel important with the "like a boss" quote.

2. Fun notepads - I am constantly writing down notes and ideas while I work.  I love these Kate Spade notepads because they double as a functional item as well as a decor item with the cute covers!

3. Mouse pad - I must have a mouse while I work.  I cannot stand the track pad on lap tops so I always have a wireless mouse and mouse pad handy.   Zazzle has a lot of really cute and affordable options for mouse pads.

4. Desk Organizer - I always seem to collect a lot of desk nick-nacks such as pens, highlighters, scissors, etc.  This desk organizer by Nate Berkus from Target fits well with my work space style.

5. Flowers - Every space needs some flowers.  You can always count on One Kings Lane to deliver on the faux flower department.

6. File Folders - I always go through tons of folders.  These mint colored folders from Nate Berkus for Target are a perfect way to ad some style to an otherwise boring desk accessory.

7. Pens - forget the normal black and blue ink.  Opt for these gold and silver gel pens from PaperSource to add some flare to your notes.

8. Printed wall art -  I recently came across this cute Etsy shop, FashionandFeathers, from a fellow blogger, and you have to check this stuff out!  She has the cutest wall prints.  I love this #WorkIt print for some quick motivation.

I will definitely be posting pictures once the final product is complete... so stay tuned!


  1. Such adorable office accessories! I want them all for my office


    1. Thanks! I love all the beautiful things out there now for office design. Offices no longer need to be boring!

  2. This is such great post and perfect timing for me - our company recently moved into a brand new building which means a blank canvas for me to decorate my little office space! I'm so inspired by the first picture and love your suggestions - definitely want to run to Target now and buy all their cute decor!


    1. Yes, Target definitely has some great options for office accessories! Have fun styling your space!

  3. So excited to see photos of your new office space! I was loving all the acrylic style organizers so I bought up a bunch for my office at work. Other than a family photo that's all my decor. (; Can't wait for some inspiration.

    1. I love that there are so many options out there for making an office space more beautiful! Family photos are always a must for office space :-)

  4. I love this home office inspiration! I'm the same way and need to set up a nice space for myself as well. Thanks for sharing these photos :-)


  5. I've been wanting to create a motivating, stylish office space in my home. Thanks for featuring my print! It goes perfectly with some of your other features!!

  6. I love the office designs and the gold accents!


  7. I have been working on putting some more finishing touches on my office space, so this post was super helpful. You picked out some adorable things!