23 June 2014

Rent the Runway: Meet Your New BFF

If you fall anywhere between the ages of 22-35, you know what I mean when I say your summer vacation time is revolved around the numerous weddings throughout the summer.  As I am sure most of you agree, this means buying a new dress for every single one.  After all, isn't there an unwritten rule that you cannot be photographed in a dress for more than one occasion?  Okay, maybe this rule is a bunch of crock, but either way, it's an excuse to get a new dress.

As this most recent wedding was approaching, I realized I had absolutely nothing to wear.  Surprise, surprise! I thought about scouring through the racks of Forever 21 and H&M, but I wanted something classier.  I could have went to Nordstrom, but why pay hundreds of dollars for a dress I would only wear once?  My brilliant solution?  Rent a dress!  I have wanted to try Rent the Runway for sometime, and this was my opportunity to give it a whirl.

My first step was finding the perfect dress.  Obviously you cannot try these dresses on, so they encourage others to post pictures of themselves in the dress.  They also encourage users to post there age, body type, height, weight and bra size, so you can see what the dress looks like on someone with a similar body size.  They also give you the option of choosing a back-up size for free in case you are unsure of what size to get.  Another great feature of the site is that you can actually filter through what dresses would look good on your body type.  Standing at only 5'0, I always have a hard time finding dresses that fit properly, so this option is amazing for someone like me.  There are also a variety of other filter options to help you find the dress you want, as you can see in the screenshot of the site below.

I then selected my dress because it seemed as if a lot of other girls my size looked stunning in the dress. 

I received my dress the day before the event, as expected.  The dress fit perfectly in the size I normally wear.  The next day, I wore the dress to an outdoor, "Garden-in-the-City" wedding.  The dress was perfect for the occasion, and I got so many compliments on it.  Sadly, I did have to return the dress today, which was easy and simple.  Just put the dress in a pre-paid UPS box provided by RTR, and drop it off at any UPS box.  I am definitely renting again.  In fact, I rented a romper for my birthday this weekend in Atlantic City!

Here are a couple pictures of the dress:

Too bad I couldn't be looking at the camera... womp womp.

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