01 November 2015

Creating The Perfect workspace

A friend of mine is moving to the city, and she recently got a job working remotely, which means she is in major need of the perfect work space.  With so many jobs these days being remote, a workspace is becoming almost a necessity when looking for an apartment or house. I myself have been working on the perfect workspace to work on my blog and work from home.

Since my friend loved the area I created for myself, she asked if I would help her out with creating something for her that would inspire and motivate her while also being super functional.  She had a budget of $500, which is totally realistic.  If you are a freelancer, and looking for a workspace that you can bring clients, you can also enlist the services of companies like WeWork if you are looking for something on a larger scale. WeWork offers shared office space options, as well as conference rooms for rent! The memberships are flexible, depending on the needs of your business.

A couple of tips that I have when creating an ideal workspace are to make it something you are proud of and want to be in.  You also want it to be free from too many distractions.  Avoid rooms with TVs or large windows for people watching.  You also want a space that allows for plenty of room to spread out and be creative.

When designing a work space, there are certain items that are almost a necessity.  Obviously a desk will be the number one piece for your office.  Choose something that is functional.  If you are working with a smaller space, you don't need a large desk, just something big enough to put your computer and some extra storage and writing space.  Next choose a chair that goes with your vision and that you know you can sit in for hours at a time.  Add a desk lamp for those late night work sessions.  I would also suggest a rug to pull the area together and define the space.  I like to have simple furniture and play up the space with a brightly-patterned rug.  Lastly, add some character to your space with some decor like an Aztec pillow and motivational art. 


  1. I do all my work in the office. A cute, organized space makes my day go ten times smoother! (; I totally agree with it helping to motivate!

  2. Definitely looks like a perfect work place! That chair is the cutest!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  3. Love these tips! I'm actually working on getting a bigger desk and just generally improving my workspace. I'm in love with that lamp—I think I'll be ordering it!


  4. Great suggestions! All of the pieces are so cute.


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