24 February 2015

8 Tips for Running in the Cold

This time of year is the worst for runners, especially if you are living in the Northeast.  It's cold, snowy, icy and dark the majority of the day. Now is the time to start training for spring marathons, so I want to know who thought it would be a great idea to make all these runs in the spring? 

I signed up for my 6th half marathon on May 3rd.  If I want to be ready in time, I need to start training now.  Unfortunately the weather has not been in my favor.  Last year was not any better with the polar vortex messing with my training runs.  However, I was motivated and determined to finish the training.  I began to research the best ways for keeping warm and searched running blogs for tips  from other runners.  I ended up surviving my winter training, but with the help of these affective tips:

 1.  Layer up   

 Layer, layer, layer.  Dressing appropriately can really make or break a run, whether it's 82 degrees or 28.   When it's as cold as it has been here in the Northeast, you can't rely on your body keeping you warm once you get going.  Wear as many layers that will allow you still have room to move.

2. Choose sweat wicking material 

Don't wear cotton as your number one layer.  It absorbs the sweat and once the cotton gets wet, it will give you a very unwanted chill.  Choose technical material, think Under Armer sweat wicking materials.

3. Keep your head/ ears covered 

Because heat escapes quickly from your head and ears, keep them covered.

4. Take care of your extremities 

Your hands, ears and nose are very susceptible to frostbite because they don't tend to have a lot of fat or muscle in them, so keep them covered.  They will be the first parts on your body to get cold.

5. Wear bright colors 

Because we see less daylight this time of the year, chances are you are going to need to train in the dark.  Make sure you are seen by wearing bright and fluorescent colors.  You also want to stay out of secluded areas.  You never want to run in the woods or on a secluded road at night.

6. Pick a buddy 

 It's always easier to stay motivated when you are running with a buddy.  Not only that, it's always a great idea to have someone by your side in case something happens.

7. Stay connected 

Bring your phone along with you.  If you were to slip and fall on ice, begin feeling the affects of frostbite, or find yourself in a dangerous situation, you want to have your phone handy to call home of 911.

8. Don't take chances 

If you think it's too cold or icy to run, don't do it.  You always want to be prepared, and if you think you may not be, than don't run.  Trust me, the run is not worth injuring yourself. 


  1. Great tips


  2. I give you so much credit for running in the cold! Ugh I absolutely hate running in anything below 50 degrees! I hate wearing layers and I feel like it's harder to breathe in the cold. Good luck training for your half marathon!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. I had to stop running almost two years ago because I hurt my foot but really miss it. I'm going to try to start up again in the spring. These are great tips!

    Doused In Pink